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Shift with Suki | What will your extraordinary outcome be?

Participate in a fascinating group Resonance Repatterning Session, and Shift with Suki!
Suki uses muscle-checking to objectively identify what everyone has in common, and one member of the group will be the proxy for the group.
Everyone who attends will shift their resonance together, usingĀ  healing modalities specific to the common pattern that is discovered.
This simple process is both accurate, interesting and quite helpful.

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Suki was born, Patricia Lynn Fox, in Hamilton Ontario. She moved to BC over 10 years ago to run the Lodge Inn Retreat in Cherryville BC. She is a Flow Yoga teacher, and Resonance Repatterning Practitioner with over 15 years experience. She has also travelled to over 40 countries and has she spent the last few years travelling extensively in Western Canada doing Repatterning session and workshops. She also organizes Morning Glory dance events.