Muscle-checking playshop

Learn simple tools to transform
the way you deal with your daily life!

Take part in this innovative Mini-workshop and learn how to Muscle-Check AKA Applied Kinesiology. You simply use your own two hands to become empowered to help yourself (and the people in your world) have more control and options for dealing with your own health and personal issues. This skill can even replace the need to seek outside help when you are feeling ill or off balance!

Why take this 4 hour Playshop?

You will leave this workshop with easy, effective, cutting- edge tools that really make a difference.

  • You’ll learn how to trust your Muscle checking, but also know that it’s both accurate and objective
  • You’ll learn Brain Gym and more.
  • You’ll gain the combined information from
    several workshops in one practical learning experience.
  • You’ll also be part of a fascinating group Resonance Repatterning Session which will shift any issues in your way to increase your confidence and dedication.

“Your workshop today was awesome! I found your congruent, passionate and organized presentation of the material, and the incredible information you shared to be quite outstanding!”
– Steve Foto, Vancouver

I am offering this unique 4 hour workshop for a special introductory price of only $75.00!
(Regularly $99.00) Enrollment is limited so register early!

Be one of the one of the first to take part in this unique, innovative Mini-workshop and learn how to Muscle-Check. It’s also called Applied Kinesiology and you simply use your own hands and natural abilities to become empowered to help yourself and the people in your world find renewed balance and healing. You will leave this workshop with easy and effective tools that really make a difference in adapting to challenges that arise, and adjusting your perspective on them.

Are you financially challenged? Find out if you qualify for an Energy Exchange or PWYC (Pay what you can)

What People Are Saying…

I came in today with an open heart and mind, yet with expectations and some doubt that I would be able to take anything home due to my arm restrictions. I have felt a shift, a shift of positive and confident energy. This was a fantastic first step for me into the magical world of energy healing. Thank you sister, so much love and appreciation.

Sarah Starshine
Vernon BC

Very informative and fun. I really think this is going to help me connect to my divine essence.

LeRae Walter
Fandango Farms,Vernon BC

Interesting insight into the world of quantum energy and it’s interface with the world of matter and human systems. Suki teaches this material effortlessly and I believe I benefited a lot.

Andrew Nardone
Vernon BC

This work is quite helpful to me in healing and clarifying. I felt like this was de-ja-vu. I was amazed with the treatment. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was and I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Amanda Schwab
Saskatoon SK

Great course, very informative. Learned a new and extremely useful technique that I can apply to all kinds of areas in my life. Thanks Suki great presentation.

Rhianna Featherstone
Vancouver BC

Interesting, will look into this more in the future. Very informative. Will be sure to work on this.

Rochelle Curry
Maple Ridge BC

Thanks so much! I’ve learned so many great things today. I can’t wait to apply these things to my everyday life! Thanks again!

Lidia Hall
Maple Ridge BC

This has helped to really ground this information for me. I am very excited about this! Thanks so much!

Marilyn Dyke
Maple Ridge BC

Very informative and interesting! Can’t wait for the next workshop!

Maple Ridge BC

Very enlightening. Reaffirms personal directions. Thank you.

Sue Thompson
Vernon BC

Beautiful technique learned. Felt such a shift personally, Suki is patient and so knowledgeable. She affirms gifts with repatterning. through shifting resonance and I feel a new direction.

Stacy Roy
Vernon BC

Wow what a shift! Thank you for the amazing afternoon. Suki has such a wonderful energy about her and I feel blessed to have shared this time with her.

Kat Reiber
Vernon BC

Fantastic workshop Suki! Very informative and enlightening! I can’t wait for workshop #2.

Michelle Rogers
Turtleford SK

This work is quite helpful to me in healing and clarifying and checking my intuition. Thank you.

James Penner
Winnipeg MB

Suki creates an amazing space of acceptance and safety. The workshop is full of opportunities to practice muscle checking and experience many different healing tools.

Peggy Chick
Bonnyville AB

I so appreciated Suki’s gentle nature, her ability to understand the situation. Especially if one is feeling unsure about the situation. Suki’s ethical approach is very much respected.

Kiley & Krystall
Lavington BC

The workshop was very interesting and showed me where I was feeling that there was unfinished business. I look forward to practicing my new skill and learning more at the next workshop.

Karen Matthews
Revelstoke BC

I loved your workshop. Very practical and informative. Good selection of tools. Great talker.

Vancouver BC

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