Extraordinary Outcomes….

“It has been my pleasure to have several one on one sessions with Suki over the past 3 years.  Her work is powerful but so gentle at the same time. I have done work with other healers where I feel like I have gone through the ringer when the session is over.  With Suki it is so gentle you can barely notice the shift.  My first session with her I left thinking, “hmmm nothing happened for me, too bad, I had such high hopes”.  But then when I reflected a few months later on where I was in my life and how I was relating to things, I could see how much I had changed and it was in the exact areas where we had done work.  At the end of the session we documented where I had shifted and when I went back and reviewed those notes it was completely accurate.  When we had chosen the areas to work on I remember thinking that would be nice to change, but not having a real understanding of what that would look like.  When I reflected on these statement months later the shifts had brought about changes for me that I could not have even imagined at the time.  In subsequent sessions I knew to look for these subtle shifts sooner and then watched as my life shifted and things changed.  It has taught me that changes does not have to feel as though my hair was ripped out and can in fact feel gentle.  I love how I can just give her a vague idea about what I would like to shift and she pulls out such beautiful statements for how I would actually want it to be.  The statements she gives me are so full of power and exactly what I need for the shift I am looking for.

Suki has helped me shift:

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Jealousy
  3. Having more joy in my life
  4. Letting go of past relationships
  5. Pulling me out of a long standing, very low state of mind I was stuck in
  6. Self-empowerment
  7. Ability to process entangled emotions
  8. Anger
  9. Life purpose

Often when you do work with a healer you have an idea about what you would like to see changed in your life and you can even imagine what that will look like for you in the future.  When I work with Suki, the changes are so far beyond what I had expected as the work goes so deep to my core where my base beliefs and subconscious patterns exist. ”

Maryanne Doucette

“Days after the group session about love, I phoned my mom, and for the
first time ever (I’m 58) I was able to let her know that I love her!
It came out of my lips with an open heart. I felt so light after that,
and have been since the session. I send LOVE to others now,
even those I don’t know or have much in common with…thank-you!”

Rita, Lumby, BC


Suki was amazing I truly felt comfortable and honored the whole time. I think we made some great progress.

Nikki Prince
Kamloops BC

Absolutely without a doubt the best self healing work I have ever had. Give yourself the opportunity to shift, change and move forward energetically, spiritually and wholistically. Fascinating! Thank you my dear friend Angela, for showing me the way.

Amber Horne
Kamloops BC

Thanks Suki for your love and light. You have helped me shift things I have been waiting to shift for almost my entire life. You are a true blessing and a radiant beauty.

Sameena Sandu
Kamloops BC

Relaxing, clearing, positive, wonderful chance to experience. So very grateful. Thanks for a wonderful guide in me to find my known answers and forever changed me.

Dawn Deschomp

I thought it was incredibly ‘bang on’. Everything made lots of sense and I feel much lighter and almost like I have a new chance to change things in my life. It’s cool to understand the problems in my life now are directly related to my past. Thank you Suki you have definitely changed me!

Faith Stadnyk
Saskatoon SK

Intriguing! Looking forward to experiencing a change in energy as I progress through day to day life. Thank you.

Bonnyville AB

Just what I needed at this time. Thank you.

Bonnyville AB

Thank you for helping me find a way to incorporate and actuate creativity in my life.


Thank you Suki! I feel lighter and more at please

Jeannette J.
Bonnyville AB

I was unsure of my feelings going into the session. After I felt like I found a clarity and direction to my life.

Darryl Waterfield
Bonnyville AB

I was nervous to start but was made to feel comfortable enough to let go and cry. Will be sure to try this again. Thank you.

Shelly K.
Bonnyville AB

Thank you for helping me work through my issues. The results I’m sure to realize more and more as the days go by.

Shelly H
Calgary AB

Thanks for helping me on my journey. I appreciate your persistence, encouragement and generosity.

Tim H
Calgary AB

Quantum repatterning with Suki was a very gentle respectful and effective experience and I would highly recommend it.

D. Willisks
Calgary AB

I first met Suki over two years ago and have had the chance to use many of the wonderful things she has taught me. I use muscle checking often to find vitamins and books and to get clarity on whats needed in a moment of self need or in helping others. The HR is amazing and it has lasting effects.

Calgary AB

My session with you Miss Suki was very powerful and yet gentle. I know you did not only help  me you helped my family, through me. I have a great deal of love and gratitude towards you for sharing your gifts and helping others. I feel the relief of my father and his father for the burdens we carried with us all these years.

Gail Pennie
Edmonton AB

The session was so beautiful and powerful. The grace with which Suki handled my issues was wonderful. I feel so much lighter and look forward to my life from this point on.

Cindy R
Edmonton AB

I feel relieved and at peace, it’s like a new sense of life. A new perspective! Thank you.

Michelle B.
Edmonton AB

I feel a new shift in my being, a new world of possibilities, a sense of relief that is real and solid.

Angela C
Kamloops BC

Suki’s session with me was very coherent, with a good balance between structure and spontaneity.

Alex M
Kamloops BC

Suki’s session helped me to gain clarity on why certain patterns were running through my life and how to shift myself to move on into a happier better me. Thank you!

Zabrina Barteaux
Vernon BC

Suki  helped me identify traits in myself originating from childhood conditioning. Now I am free to be the person who is happy and relaxed within and without. Many thanks and blessings

Sarah D
Salmon Arm

My session was amazing, I never thought I would experience something like it! It defanitely opened up a new path that I may start to take. Out of this world, in a good way!

Ryan S.
Salmon Arm

My experience today was empowering and timely. I am grateful to be a part of the process of change and I stay open to all possibilties. Thank you Suki for also being fearless.

Vernon BC

Suki’s session was bang on. She allowed me to open and release issues holding me back in life. Highly recommended, very aware.

Shawna McGowan
Vernon BC

I did not know what to expect and even less what problem to work on. Now that I have done my first session with Suki I understand clearly why Suki came into my life and I know that this work was essential in the pursuit of my true, complete, balanced, harmonized being. The best part is I now know the great positive impact this one session has had on my life and the life of my family before me! Thanks a million.

David Beaudoin
Winfield BC

So grateful that my shift group led me into meeting Suki – who I NEEDED to help me and also my family shift. Amazing! Blessings to your Suki!

Lauri Moore
Vernon BC

Suki is in touch with her super human powers. Her alignment with her divine purpose is striking and apparent. External love on your journey.

Alana Lilly Corral
Vernon BC

Wonderful clearing of layers from thinking from the past on levels which were hidden in the layers of the mind. Great job Suki. Thank you.

Michelle Saurette
Cherryville BC

After my repatterning session I felt as though 400lbs had been lifted from my shoulders. I feel wonderful.

Karen Matthews
Revelstoke BC

Suki’s session was fascinating on a spiritual and physical level. She has a calming energy that bestows confidence and I trust in her work. I felt more grounded after the session and felt I had some useful tools to take with me. Thank you.

Shendra Kelly
Revelstoke BC

I met Suki Fox at the Wise Woman Festival in September of 2009. The session was life changing and instrumental in creating a paradigm shift in my life. Not to mention changing an unsatisfying relationship pattern that I’ve held for 14 years. I’m so happy; thank-you Suki!

Leah Sinclaire
Calgary AB

As a skeptic and empirical thinker, I’ve enlisted Suki’s assistance twice; both times yielding tacitly spectacular results. Not only did I actually feel and experience a shift in the state of my body and my approach to the world, I felt invigorated, relieved, and redirected. In my work I need her assistance and guidance and for that I’m more than willing to recommend Suki’s help to others who often ignore such possibilities and gifts.

B. Wauters
Vancouver BC

Suki did several repatterning sessions and the results were amazing. I was able to eliminate food cravings and focus on healthy choices. The effects have lasted and the process was fast and easy.

J. Hansen
Vancouver BC

Incredibly clean, peaceful and joyus feeling. I feel refreshed, accepted, loved and blessed.

G. Michael-Turner
Vancouver BC

Elightening. Fulfilling.

Ryan Lea
Calgary AB

The experience of understanding the blocks and then shifting it out of my energy and life was a breakthrough that I have needed for the majority of my life. I am so blessed to have received this healing. Suki is a powerful practitioner and I would recommend her to all.

Kelly Mason
Mississauga ON

Suki has helped me organized my energy, as well as assist me with focusing my current efforts to become healthy. Repatterning was a most interesting experience both physically and emotionally. Thank you.

Sue Gilbert
Hamilton ON

Your work is profound Suki. Thank you so much! I feel the need to integrate and settle into all that you have helped clear for me. Come back when you can.

Janine Gibson
Winnipeg MB

I found the session very accurate and powerful. My repatterning statements are 100% awesome.

Tracey Lessard
Kelowna BC

I am happy with my session. I feel more confident and better able to handle daily situations.Thanks Suki for helping me make this possible!

Helen Sheppard
Revelstoke BC


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