Shamanic Massage

Do you know how you have pain and tension in your body that doesn’t seem to change or shift even when you get a regular massage?

Well, what I do is let my intuition guide me to the areas with blocks and tension, so that we can release them and get your energy flowing more freely again.

For example, Brian felt his awareness travel up and down his Chakras during his massage. He experienced a release of tension, a higher level of energy, and a gentle hum throughout his body afterwards.

How I do this is I combine massage with Crystals, Reiki (energy work), Sound healing, and more for a unique and personalized healing massage experience.

Sessions $125.00 for 90 minutes to 2 hours

Comments on Shamanic Massage

My experience with Suki was profoundly gentle & yet powerful!
Huge release from lower cranial/neck tension. Her intuitive guidance with the crystal massage went right to the spots that were tender & in need of releasing.
One of the biggest things I noticed is how clear & focuses I was after the session (30 min) I was able to go back to “work” with clarity & Heightened mental focus.

Wendy G.

I felt like my body had become like a midway and my awareness traveled up and down the chakras as Suki performed shamanic healing techniques. I felt great after the treatment with a gentle hum throughout my body.

Vernon BC

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