Wow! loved Shambhala!

Beautiful people and energy of celebration and gratitude. Mind blowing costumes, music and stages…so glad I impulsively went for it! Full of such happy, open, cool young people, it made me feel great about the next generation. When I was that age it wasn’t cool to dance especially boys, and I loved disco but that wasn’t cool either. So now here I am hearing those same old disco songs mixed in, and its all about dancing! Every muscle in my body is sore from dancing myself into the dust every day. I especially loved the beach stage on the river, with its alters, giant disco balls, and the exotic decor and lighting, and sand dance floor. I would love to go every year now…I’m hooked!

Happy August sunshine and swimming to you all and thanks for tuning in again! Yay to summer and adventures!

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Suki was born, Patricia Lynn Fox, in Hamilton Ontario. She moved to BC over 10 years ago to run the Lodge Inn Retreat in Cherryville BC. She is a Flow Yoga teacher, and Resonance Repatterning Practitioner with over 15 years experience. She has also travelled to over 40 countries and has she spent the last few years travelling extensively in Western Canada doing Repatterning session and workshops. She also organizes Morning Glory dance events.