Time of Transition

I am currently in a time of big transition, how about you?

Have you noticed that one of the constants in life is change, and we all deal with the arrival of it in different ways? It can be both scary and exhilarating depending on our perspective. Are we looking through the eyes of fear or love? There are consequences that come with both.

In my experience, love leads to freedom and joy, and fear to a prison of my own making. I think everything is always perfect. Even the arrival of chaos in our lives, is just another opportunity on a quantum level. It’s a chance to move up or down in our level of coherence, if we approach it deliberately that way. I am a wellness consultant and the most powerful tool in my belt is Resonance Repatterning. It’s highly effective for me and my clients who want to shift their energy and fully resonate with their intentions instead of their problems. Perhaps I’ll elaborate more on this in a future issue.

My changes started on a full moon last July, when I entered the uncertainty of that point in my life called “The Void”. Our place, The Lodge Inn Retreat is for sale and my husband is no longer my business or marriage partner. I am now in the process of wrapping up my old life, and planting seeds for my new one. This wasn’t the way I saw my dreams unfolding when I left my big job in Toronto to move to BC and start this business together 7 years ago. Yet, here I am feeling grateful for all the dramatic changes that have occurred. It has all finally brought me into alignment with my purpose and highest intentions in my life, which is to offer unconditional, universal service.

I have found gratitude an important ally in times of difficulty. Gratitude seems to create Grace in my life. It’s a loop with my gratitude for the evidence of Grace into my life, creating more happiness and gratitude, and on it goes. What is Grace? For me it is experiencing the simple yet beautiful flow in my life. It is an abundance of nice people, support and inspiration coming easily and naturally to me. It’s experiencing the synchronicity of being in the right place at the right time, because I listened to my intuition and followed my heart. I end up feeling gratitude again.

This fall I was done incubating in the “The Void” and I was following the energy to my new future. I set off to explore the new friendships and connections I had made at the Wellness Festivals I organized at our Retreat in Cherryville. I started touring, packing up my Resonance Repatterning books and supplies, into a suitcase and calling myself the “Roving Repatterner”. It’s been exciting to hit the road and travel to wellness shows and cities where I am invited, or I feel drawn to visit in Western Can. I even learned how to start a Face book group so clients and friends could follow my gypsy adventures.

Along the way the city that impressed me the most was Kamloops. I loved the interesting, friendly people I met here. I felt more welcomed and comfortable with each visit. I found a nomadic oasis at Mystic Dreams, as Flo and her staff are so lovely and nice. I am enjoying the monthly sessions I am now offering there. I discovered the wonderful scenes at Lets Move and The Art We Are. The best part is the new friendships and connections I’ve made with like mined people, like Elizabeth Beeds. When we met we were amazed to realize that we both shared the same specific idea. We felt inspired to build community, and bring people together with a unique wellness festival. We will offer an interactive experience that is focused on learning, sharing, and celebrating together, in a special way.

So, get ready Kamloops, here comes the next Extraordinary Wellness Festival.
Mark your calendar; it’s happening June 4-6, 2010!

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Suki was born, Patricia Lynn Fox, in Hamilton Ontario. She moved to BC over 10 years ago to run the Lodge Inn Retreat in Cherryville BC. She is a Flow Yoga teacher, and Resonance Repatterning Practitioner with over 15 years experience. She has also travelled to over 40 countries and has she spent the last few years travelling extensively in Western Canada doing Repatterning session and workshops. She also organizes Morning Glory dance events.