The message from a boulder. Brings clarity and deeper alignment with purpose.

During a retreat in June 2021 at Halfway Hot Spring, BC, I felt reborn! After a long soak in the magical hot springs, I refreshed myself in the river and then deeply connected and aligned with myself and a big boulder awash in the raging, glacial waters. I was doing a yoga mountain pose and had a series of visions that are now guiding and inspiring changes in my lifeπŸ™ I’ve made space to allow more people to “shift” through the powerful sessions I offer πŸ˜‡ This new beginning will benefit more individuals and groups with the opportunity to end old patterns and limiting beliefs through “Resonance Repatterning” sessions, either in person or by proxy (at a distance). Also through upcoming empowering workshops, including a late summer retreat 2021 at these incredible hot springs in Nakusp BC. πŸ₯° So grateful to the Great Spirit and Gaia, for the blessings and healing gifts that I received, for my ascension process into 5D, and for the ability and privilege of helping even more people heal and grow in life now that I am returning to full-time work as a practitioner again. Now more than ever we all need support and strength!

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Suki was born, Patricia Lynn Fox, in Hamilton Ontario. She moved to BC over 10 years ago to run the Lodge Inn Retreat in Cherryville BC. She is a Flow Yoga teacher, and Resonance Repatterning Practitioner with over 15 years experience. She has also travelled to over 40 countries and has she spent the last few years travelling extensively in Western Canada doing Repatterning session and workshops. She also organizes Morning Glory dance events.