Healing by Proxy

I wanted to share with you the experience one of my clients shared with me the other day.

Hi Suki,

Tyhson thinks I should write the bit about Josie’s transformative attitude!

Suki and Tyhson sat down last week to help Josie, the little black cat with white bib and bikini, get over her fear of dogs. With Tyhson as proxy they checked and affirmed, asked questions and got answers.

Josie was given to us a year ago after a friend had taken in this little emaciated, wounded animal from her doorstep. First aid was given and a week later Josie was bought to us.

Although Josie became a healthy, affectionate and playful member of our household she did have a big thing around dogs. The first hint of dog and she was in the far corner of the store room, not to be seen until bought out once the coast was clear.

Suki’s dog Xena, such a gentle being, was here and Josie was confined to the bedroom with all her necessities of life. After the Repatterning was complete Josie was carried into the living room where Xena was calmly lying down wagging her tail gently.

Josie went under a chair and watched Xena.  There was none of the usual terror and fleeing.  The two animals shared the living room for the rest of Suki’s visit, no problem.  We noticed too that Josie has a more confident attitude with us.  She comes up on my lap, usually she goes to Tyhson, and spends more time playing. We look forward to having ‘dog’ around again soon to check that this is a  truly permanent shift!

               Thanks Suki and Xena!
From Serah Roer and Tyhson Banighen.

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Suki was born, Patricia Lynn Fox, in Hamilton Ontario. She moved to BC over 10 years ago to run the Lodge Inn Retreat in Cherryville BC. She is a Flow Yoga teacher, and Resonance Repatterning Practitioner with over 15 years experience. She has also travelled to over 40 countries and has she spent the last few years travelling extensively in Western Canada doing Repatterning session and workshops. She also organizes Morning Glory dance events.