Resonance Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning Sessions shift your energy or resonance with your patterns causing you emotional reactions, negative mental states or a lack of physical well-being. This simple quantum based system uses muscle checking and multiple healing modalities to shift limiting patterns and beliefs.
Transform your mental-emotional blueprint, and extraordinary outcomes in any area of your life can be experienced.

  • Improve your health, energy level, self-confidence
  • Help you quit smoking and lose weight and change other dependencies

Do you feel stuck playing out old patterns even though you know exactly what you would like to change in your life? Like those old habits, issues and perspectives that limit you.

I can accurately identify (using a tool called muscle-checking) specifically what, why and how to change the problems that seem stuck in your life.

For example I helped James Hansen quit smoking. He was amazed to discover that after our session he had become a non-smoker. He found he didn’t enjoy or want it anymore, without any cravings. Then there is Jenn Alston who was surprised and delighted that she no longer needed to wear her glasses after her Vision Repatterning, and that the improvement lasted!

How I do this is with Resonance Repatterning, a process that helps shift energy or “resonance” around any issue. It is effective for clearing unconscious beliefs, negative emotions, and behaviours that underlie, and determining your health & well being.

Resonance Repatterning is also done by Proxy for children, pets, and by with ZOOM or telephone sessions.

If you are on a limited income, I still would like to help you, and I offer a sliding scale with my price, and I will also consider the possible trades and bartering.

  • First Sessions require 2.5  hours and cost $250
  • Subsequent session are 90 mins to 2 hours long. $200
  • Bookings require a $50.00 deposit to secure your session time.
    Deposits can be emailed to Suki, if you are not set up for online banking you can use PayPal or mail a cheque.       suki(dot)cherryville(at)

    Please make cheques out to “P.Fox” (Suki is not her legal name)
    Cancellations require 24 hours’ notice and your deposit will be credited towards your next session. (good for 6 months) This supports her time, and your commitment to shift!

Suki Patricia Fox | 250. 307.7301 |

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