With over 25 years experience as a wellness professional

Are you ready to change something stuck, mysterious or persistent?
Reshape your life through resonance!

Resonance Repatterning Sessions shift your resonance with the patterns causing emotional reactions, negative mental states or a lack of physical wellbeing. This simple quantum based system uses muscle checking and multiple healing modalities to shift limiting patterns and beliefs.
Transform your mental-emotional blueprint, and extraordinary outcomes in any area of you life can be experienced.

  • Improve your health, energy level, self-confidence
  • Help you quit smoking and lose weight

Sessions available for Individuals, couples and groups, and also done by proxy on children, animals and by telephone.

“Suki did several Repatterning Sessions, and the results were amazing. I was able to focus on making healthy choices.
The effects have lasted and the process was fast and easy” Joan Hansen, Realtor
“The system is deeply fascinating and effective and what Suki brings to it is her vitality, clarity and strength.
I felt so safe going where I’ve needed to go for years”.” Joni Cooke, Shiatsu Therapist (RST)

Energy Work is personalized and generally includes:
Shamanic Drumming, Sound healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Colour therapy, Acutonic tuning forks, and more

  • Clear and balance your energetic body and Chakras
  • Source connected and guided healing experience

“I felt like my body had become like a midway and my awareness traveled up and down the Chakras, as Suki performed Shamanic healing techniques. I felt great after the treatment with a gentle hum throughout my body.” Brian O’Reilly

  • Full Sessions are $98.00 per session and they are 90 mins- 3 hours
  • Limited income? Ask about cheques,  sliding scale, and bartering.

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