Group Sessions and Full Moon shifts!

Suki  is currently offering group sessions on “Love“, “Abundance” and “Stop or reduce smoking” AND Monthly Full Moon shifts!

Suki has been guided to facilitate group proxy sessions on the full moon now and you will be added by proxy (at a distance) to all group Resonance Repatterning sessions she facilitates, and this will be an ongoing monthly session on the day of the full moon!
Please feel free to share any issues you would like to shift or any comments or feedback, before or after the sessions!
I will contact you here before the shift and also post or send your notes here after we complete it, and let you know if there are any specific integration needs for you to do to complete the session
$88 per year, for at least 12 group sessions, or $10 per shift 

Pricing Options

Experience your own shift and participate in a fascinating group Resonance Repatterning Session!

Suki uses muscle-checking to objectively identify what everyone who has assembled has in common, and one member of the group will be chosen as the proxy for the entire group.

Everyone there will shift their resonance together, using  healing modalities specific to the common pattern that is discovered. This simple process is accurate, quite interesting and also helpful!

Group Session $75.00 in person and for those who proxy in. Those not present can be included by proxy, all that is need is the permission to muscle-check on their behalf. They are energetically part of the group and still shift!

“Days after the group session about love, I phoned my mom, and for the first time ever (I’m 58) I was able to let her know that I love her!
It came out of my lips with an open heart. I felt so light after that, and have been since the session. I send LOVE to others now, even those I don’t know or have much in common with…thank-you!”
~  Rita, Lumby, BC
“It was an amazing experience. Looking forward to seeing the shifts unfold, not just for me but for us all!”
~  Sue Roles, Vernon, BC

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