Time of Transition

I am currently in a time of big transition, how about you?

Have you noticed that one of the constants in life is change, and we all deal with the arrival of it in different ways? It can be both scary and exhilarating depending on our perspective. Are we looking through the eyes of fear or love? There are consequences that come with both.

In my experience, love leads to freedom and joy, and fear to a prison of my own making. I think everything is always perfect. Even the arrival of chaos in our lives, is just another opportunity on a quantum level. It’s a chance to move up or down in our level of coherence, if we approach it deliberately that way. I am a wellness consultant and the most powerful tool in my belt is Resonance Repatterning. It’s highly effective for me and my clients who want to shift their energy and fully resonate with their intentions instead of their problems. Perhaps I’ll elaborate more on this in a future issue.
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